Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Review on Pores be Pure mud mask, Orly nail polishes, and yes to grapefruit brightening facial towelettes

Okay so this post is not about fashion, it is a review for a few products that I have bought in the past. Okay so starting with the Pores be Pure Mud Mask, I personally love this product, it doesn't really help your pores but it made my face fresh, clean, and oil free for the dah and the day after, although it only lasts for 2 days the product is pretty cheap for how well it works, it does burn quite a bit, but I find that all mud masks burn and this one didn't burn THAT bad. It has a light strawberry scent and is defiantly worth it. I highly recommend it. So next is the Orly nail polishes, I have the Fancy Fuchsia, Melt Your Popsicle, and Purple Crush. The colors look just like they do in the bottle and are bright and super fun for any season. If you are looking for some quality nail polish, ORLY is the brand to use. It is a little pricy, but at ultra and a few other stores they are constantly on sale. Next comes the Yes to grapefruit brightening facial towelettes. These are great, they do not remove makeup but they smell amazing and make your face look great I like to use these after an all night cram session or after falling asleep with my makeup on. I can't remember how much these cost but as long as they are under 10 US dollars they are well worth it. The final product is the Bed Head wave artist. This product was okay. The waves look pretty good, but the actual machine is a pain and a little hard to use. I burnt my forehead the second time I used this and the First time I just gave up because I was too lazy, if you have at least 10 minutes and aren't too tired I would tell you to get this if it were under $40. Do not get it if it cost more than that. Okay well that's it for today! Pictures are below, comment if you want me to just do fashion or if you want a mix, I'd love to get some feed back! Bye!-Sofia

And finally...

Monday, May 19, 2014

How to Pull an Outfit Together

Okay guys, so I haven't posted in a reaaallllyy long time, sorry, but I think Im just gonna get straight to the point, there are many was to customize a look, or just make it look even more fabulous on you, but no matter what you should always be comfortable, no matter what you are wearing. So sometimes your look is great, but it feels like something is missing, if so, you can add that cute denim jacket that you love, or a leather jacket (Whichever goes best with the look). If you are already wearing a jacket, or just don't like them that much or it is hot out you can add some chunky jewelry, or when in doubt add an adorable braided belt, those are sure to be a crowd pleaser. What ever belt you have sitting in your closet, just slip it on to complete almost any look, whether with pants, shorts, or dresses, you can always find the perfect belt. Below are some images of what these accessories might look like. Whe in doubt, just make sure you are happy with what you are wearing, if you don't like it, chances are, not too many others will either, and always remember, your smile is your best accessory! 

So this is a good example of a braided belt, they can cost anything from 5-30 US dollars. Below are a few others

These are some more braided belts, I couldn't find an image of the one I have, and these aren't the best examples because there are many better cuter ones out there, sorry! 

Next is the jean or denim jacket, personally like mine more, but this was the best I could find. I really like the American eagle one though...
And... My favorite....

 Yea, there is way too much chunky jewelry out there, but these are some of my favorites... 

The prices can vary a lot on jewelry, buy the necklaces would usually cost 15-30 US dollars and the bracles probably 5-25 depending where you bought them. Forever 21 has really awesome chunky jewelry, but be warned, because it's soo cheap it will only last you 21 hours, bye!!! Thanks for reading, love you! 

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Spring fashion part one

Something that is a trend for spring 2014 is the cropped moto jacket. They have been on the runways for a few months they are super popular they look something like this 
They can come in all kinds of different colors fabrics and the lengths can also vary. They can cost anything from $45 to $399 I recommend that you go for something cheaper but, that because I can be really stingy, I don't like to buy really expensive clothes. So yea, another big trend for spring is wide leg trousers. They are basically pants that are all the same width on every part so the thigh and the calf parts are the exact same width. I personally don't really like the trend because it doesn't really look feminine... Yea I don't think that I will buy a pair of wide leg trousers. Another trend for spring and summer that you can wear whenever is mesh, mesh has been on the runways a lot recently and it has been a big hit with designers so that is a trend that you should look into. I think that from now on I will post every Sunday. Bye! -Sofia

Sunday, February 9, 2014


I just wrote a post but It didn't work so I'm just gonna summarize it really fast cuz I have work to do. I am so sorry that I haven't posted in a while I'll post at least once a week from now on. So anyway this post is about prom dresses. If you want some cute prom dresses under $200 you should try I will include some of their dresses at the bottom. If you are looking for more of an edgy prom dress you should try okay so I only have pictures from well yep sorry good luck finding dresses ladies! 

So these are the dresses! Sorry if they aren't to your taste! 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Very first post!

Okay we'll this is my fashion blog, I am going to post some really cute and formal outfits and mabye some cute hairstyles with the outfit and shoes. Okay well yea. Here is a really pretty dress.... Haha I'm such a loser. Wow I even posted two dresses, we'll I promise that this blog will get better in the future, bye!!!!